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Card Payment Activated

Card Payment Activated

Credit and Debit card payment is activated and operational on our website.

After the registration process by the Swiss Authorities has completed and we obtained our official identification number, every precondition has been given to activate this feature which allows the rest of the world to support our efforts in favour of protecting biodiversity.

At the top menu there is a page YOUR IMPACT > DONATE where bank card transfers can be initiated.

There is no lower or upper limit for the transfer, for which any VISA, MATER CARD, AmEx card or PayPal account is accepted.

Should you wish to donate by using other systems currently not available, please drop an email to us.

The bank card transfer functionality is provided and processed by secure 3rd party applications and interfaces. We, The Biodiversity Alliance do not access, process or store any information required for the identification and validation process.

Registered by HRA in SHAB and ZEFIX

We are a legal entity


As the process of registration finally has rolled through the Swiss Commercial Registration Office (HRA – Handelsregisteramt) I’d like to share the brief list of steps we were required to accomplish to reach this important milestone.

Logged-in visitors will be able to see a pretty table below. Register here if you don’t have your ID yet.

For those non-(native)-German speakers, who might wish to found an organization in Switzerland, it might be especially interesting to know about some of the steps in this process.

The cost of the above process will be published in the financial report of The BA during the coming weeks.

David Cameron: the bee killer!

In the latest disaster from Westminster, Cameron’s government declares that previously banned pesticides can now be used in Britain; this U-turn was sneaked out just before the House of Commons began its very long summer holiday.

The article by Tony Juniper ~ a well respected environmental advocate and activist ~ also considers several other Tory policies churned out in the first 70 days of government. The one I found abyssmal was removing the subsidies from renewable energy enterprises, while giving very large tax breaks to the fossil fuel industry.

When you read the article please also click on ‘Tony Juniper’ at the top and you will find a remarkable set of stories: my favourite was about Environment versus Greed. Thinking about what Tony has written gave me an idea: we’ve had Millennium Development Goals and now Sustainable Development Goals … but what we most need are a global set of SUSTAINABLE ENVIRONMENT GOALS.

Barcroft Media, Haytham Pictures

Life-long learning opportunities for all

: Barcroft Media, Haytham Pictures

Good paper by Julia Gillard, also links off it to some others. How different this is from those terribly weak Millennium Development Goals. We now need something as strong for Biodiversity 🙂 Mike

Our website moved to Scotland

Hi everybody,

I have the pleasure to inform you that, effective from today, our website hosting has been transferred to Inverness, Scotland, and now it is in the expert hands of the Summit Web Solutions’ support team. Moreover as you can see in your browser’s address bar, our website now runs on https (http over SSL).

This is an important step ahead, providing us with a more stable technical environment, a much more experienced technical customer service team, and highly increased performance and security.

After few weeks of preparation, requesting information and quotes from many hosting companies from South-Africa to Scotland, Summit Web has been selected as the one offering the best service and value for money.

Equally importantly, as most of you are well aware, Scotland is pioneering in transforming their economy into an environmentally friendly, carbon neutral economy. Therefore I am especially happy to establish a hopefully long term relationship with Summit Web.

Visiting countries - last 24 hours - 2015.03.17

Our achievements in two weeks, since our website is public

Hi Everybody, below is a short summary of what we have achieved since March 3., the 2nd World Wildlife Day when I announced our website on LinkedIn and lifted the ban from our website not allowing search engines indexing it.

12 members joined to our group on LinkedIn (excluding myself);
29 countries visited our website altogether, and we had visitors from
11 countries during the last 24 hours;
1 Membership request (for paid membership at The BA) has been received and accepted
1 received Grant Funding application, currently waiting for review and assessment
2 Letter of Intents received seeking
– Strategic Allied Partnership from Honu Cook Islands
– Project Partnership from FRSD
11 signatures received supporting our campaign to save the Pangolins. Out of this
– 6 confirmed and
– 5 unconfirmed yet (probably due to automatic placement of our confirmation email into the spam folder of signers’)
9 participants voted on our poll about the major factors causing devastation on biological diversity

We also managed to attract the attention of several hackers. Based on the analysis of logged data it can be inferred with high probability that there were humanoids behind the attacks rather than pre-programmed hacking tools. It is also highly likely that the attacks were perpetrated by individual motivation actors and not by members of organized groups like the syndicate which is behind the majority of the Pangolin black-trade worldwide.

The hacker used fake IP addresses covering their location. The following ranges were detected (to see the IP ranges below you need to be logged in):

So far the hackers were not able to make any detectable damage on the website which has been fully operational and online since it is public.

We are very much look forward to having more members, visitors, voters, applicant and feedback from everybody so we hope we can announce even more attractive achievements in on 3rd of April, when our website will be public since one month. Welcome to The Biodiversity Alliance! 🙂

Tongareva Atoll: we are going solar!

Kia Orana everyone, very exciting news from this extremely remote atoll in the South Pacific. Last Friday a ship arrived with everything required to build a solar-power station on our island (in fact there will be two as the other village is far away across the other side of the atoll ~ so it will get a smaller set-up too).

It will take about a week to offload all the cargo by barge, but we may start laying out the site tomorrow and begin excavations. I’ll document the project as it unfolds, but we expect it will make a huge difference & ~ most importantly ~ think how much fuel it will save? To bring 1 litre of diesel here requires a voyage from Auckland to Rarotonga, then another from Rarotonga to the Northern Cooks; plus road haulage in NZ and electricity any place the fuel is pumped. Crazy, especially when the sun shines most days.

The build is by PowerSmart in NZ, and the project funded through NZAID [Aotearoa ~ New Zealand ~ has provided NZ$ 20 million to set up solar arrays on all the Northern Cook Islands. The scheme is called “Uira Natura ke Tokerau”. EU & NZ have formed an Energy Access Partnership].

Thank you, and very much appreciated. 🙂


News: Indian Biodiversity Congress 2014

Dr Krishnan Srinivasan ~ one of the Biodiversity Alliance’s Vice-Presidents (for inter-governmental affairs) ~ has been invited to attend the Indian Biodiversity Congress at Chennai (18th – 20th December) as an official observer on our behalf; and also to chair a session on Biodiversity Documentation and Taxonomy. We wish them a rewarding and fruitful conference, and no doubt we will receive an update from Krishnan later. Thank you all, Michael. (President, Biodiversity Alliance).