Registered by HRA in SHAB and ZEFIX

We are a legal entity


As the process of registration finally has rolled through the Swiss Commercial Registration Office (HRA – Handelsregisteramt) I’d like to share the brief list of steps we were required to accomplish to reach this important milestone.

Logged-in visitors will be able to see a pretty table below. Register here if you don’t have your ID yet.

For those non-(native)-German speakers, who might wish to found an organization in Switzerland, it might be especially interesting to know about some of the steps in this process.

The cost of the above process will be published in the financial report of The BA during the coming weeks.

3 thoughts on “We are a legal entity

  1. Venkatasamy Rama Krishna

    Well Janos, I am stunned. So much work necessary for registration! I must say the Swiss authorities are most particular and most complicated in registration processes. But here we are, after that long distance run, finally legal and global.
    Congratulations Janos and thanks for all the good work.
    Now it is up to us to travel the rest of the distance.

  2. Michael White

    I agree Ven, big thanks to Janos. I was involved behind the scenes too, but there was little we could do as a Board. Tongue-in-cheek we have now completed the steps required to be organised criminals, tax dodgers, and the mega-rich… no wonder Swiss Banks have such a reputation! Only joking of course, but it was a long and tedious haul; neither Janos nor I speak German. As you say it’s now down to us to make this Society work. Mike

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