Key question: How to eliminate primary causes of biodiversity loss?
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Population pressure

Since 1970 the population has doubled. If each of our fellow human inhabitant liked to enjoy the 1970 level of average living standard of the EMU countries, and the carrying capacity of the planet should not be exceeded, than 6 planet Earth capacity would be required. But we have only ...
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Growth-focused economy

Population explosion is a key factor for boosting economy. Vast increase in headcounts assure not only growing consumer base but also constant supply of cheap labour force for profit makers. Those who are dazzled by the magic words of "economic growth" need to consider that over 90% of the resulting ...
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Tragedy of the Global Commons

In a society that believes in the freedom of the commons the tragedy is manifested by the fact that pursuing his own best interest by each beneficiary brings ruin to all. It is happening with all global commons: high seas, the air, primeval forests on sovereign countries' territory ...
Polar bear, apotential victim of species extinction loosing key habitat due to global warming -

Global warming

"To limit atmospheric CO2 to 450 ppm and global temperature to 2C above the pre-industrial period, we must limit the total CO2 budget to 500 GigaTonne. Given we burn around 35 GT each year globally, that leaves us 15 years" (Meinhausen et al. 2009) Less than 8 years left ...
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The condition of our global ecosystem deteriorates so quickly that most of us don’t even want to hear about it.

Still it seems as if a majority of the contributors in environmental protection attempt to eliminate the consequences only without addressing the underlying causes themselves.

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