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Please introduce yourself

It is a good practice I guess to have such a post on our website for the new joiners. As we saw it elsewhere it can function very well as a first ‘ice-breaker’. I encourage every new joiner to comment it with few sentences providing some insight for the rest of us what he or she interested in most.

Service/Credentials activation – Email removal

Services/Credentials Activation

  • On this form you can request activation of credentials and services or removal of your email address from our database permanently.

Your name and email


Requested credentials and services

  • The Gratis membership is completely free of charge and will be activated within 24 hours from the request. One month after the activation the membership status will be changed to "registered" status which still allows the user to comment others posts. Before the expiration of the one month period, or later, the user can apply for permanent membership, according to the terms and conditions of The Biodiversity Alliance described in the Contribution policy.