Date Event
03.03.2016 New web site layout
Date Event
26.11.2015 2nd Annual General Meeting
22.10.2015 3rd party bank card transfer module on our website activated
21.10.2015 Final logo design received from Jules Akel
03.09.2015 The Biodiversity Alliance is registered by the Swiss Federal Commercial Office
06.06.2015 First newsletter sent out to 33 recipient
27.04.2015 Founding documents submitted to the Swiss Commercial Registration Office requesting registration
24.04.2015 Web-site runs on HTTPS
22.04.2015 Web site hosting migration from Hungary to Scotland completed
03.03.2015 A LinkedIn group for The Biodiversity Alliance created
03.03.2015 World Wildlife Day, The BA website opens for public access
14.02.2015 1st Board Meeting of The BA held, the structure of the Board has been amended
10.01.2015 The first, non-founder visitor registers on the web site
18-21.12.2014 IBC-2014: The first public event, Indian Biodiversity Congress 2014 held in Chennai where The BA has been represented
15.11.2014 Bank account for The BA has been opened at PostFinance of Switzerland
21.10.2014 Founders of The BA held their First General Meeting and officially form the Association for The Biodiversity Alliance, according to the Swiss regulations
05.10.2014 Preparations for the First General Meeting of The BA started
22.08.2014 Web-site face-lift via Word-Press. From functional point of view it was definitely a major step, advancing from the ‘newborn’ age to a ‘toddler’
07.08.2014 Registration procedure for the domain is completed, ‘’ has been officially registered
29.07.2014 Our ISP activated the ‘’ domain. If nobody will request to delegate this domain, it will be officially registered in 8 days
27.07.2014 The registration process of the domain started. At the same time the ISP activated a temporary sub-domain for The BA. The initial version of the BA’s home page created on this temporary domain but could be accessed from all over the world.
22.07.2014 The initial, draft version of the Biodiversity Alliance Prospectus created and sent to the co-founders for review. This is the date when the idea of The Biodiversity Alliance was born.

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