We would like to express our appreciation for the following individuals who have helped us with their valuable questions, observations and suggestions to improve our website:

  • Ms. Viviane Duflon
  • Ms. Maria Karagkouni
  • Ms. Caroline Simmen
  • Mr. Greg Thompson

The most significant amount of assistance we enjoyed came from the community of WordPress. Both from WordPress Core Developers and from those who create great extensions for the core system, the Plugin Developers. Without them we could not have reached the recent state of our website within such relatively short time. These plugins really deliver really great value. Some of them we are really happy with:

  • Advanced Slider
  • Counterize
  • Content Views and Content Views Pro
  • Email Petitions
  • Facebook Thumbs
  • Google Maps Easy
  • Mail Poet
  • Polls
  • Visual Form Builder
  • WP Security