One of our objectives is to assist small and micro projects with fund raising.

List of current project initiatives:

Project title| Estimated cost | Current status | Location
Mobile Veterinary Clinic | 150000 US$ | Preliminary | Hungary,Vác
Objective: Procurement of a Van or Truck vehicle suitable for on-site surgical operation equipped with devices such as X-ray, Digital Radiography, Dental Equipment, Anesthesia, Digital Scale, Auto Clave, Surgery Lighting, Blood Equipment, Oximeters, etc.
Purpose of deployment: Provide on-site surgical service in villages for cat or dog spay/neuter operation, where elderly and/or low income pet owners are struggling with accessing such medical service in remote towns. Through on-site spay/neuter programs unwanted gestation and offspring can be avoided.
Background: Like in many other countries, the number of unwanted dog and cat offspring in Hungary is huge. Cubs are too often simply thrown away, battered to death, buried alive, or drowned. Even when left alive these creatures keep suffering throughout their entire life from having no home, no food, no drinking water, being untreated against various diseases.

Examples for high quality veterinary trucks for illustration purposes can be found at La Boit’s web site.

Cat Spay/Neuter Program | 100 US$/cat | Preliminary | Hungary/Vác
Objective: Provide low income cat or dog owners with financial support for spay/neuter surgery service for their pet.
Purpose of deployment:
Amphibian Tunnel and Fence | 100000 US$ | Preliminary | Hunagry/Szécsény
Objective: Build safe crossing tunnels and deflector fence for Amphibians along the main road A22 between Balassagyarmat and Szécsény
Purpose of deployment: Saving amphibians from being hit when crossing the road during mating season.
Background: In every spring thousands of amphibians, mainly frogs are being squashed when they cross the nearly 10 km long road segment to approach the nearby river Ipoly, and on the way back.

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The more elaborated the proposal is, the bigger the chance is for being accepted and to be added to the public list of initiatives.

It is also possible to come up with a project initiative without knowing the entity (person or organization) managing and/or executing the project. It might happen that your project initiative will attract someone with the necessary skills and availability to carry out your initiative.

The list is updated according to project preparatory works. Project execution depends on funds available for a particular projects.