Leaf cutter ants carrying leaves back to the nest - Kim Taylor / naturepl.com

Contribution Policy

Leaf cutter ants carrying leaves back to the nest - Kim Taylor / naturepl.com

We imagined a multi-layered contribution scheme, with which we aim to provide a flexible framework to all those who are interested in joining our adventure and contributing to the effort to improve the broken ecological balance on our planet.

The main platform through which the BA’s contributors can interact with each other is our website, which is currently set up to handle the following levels of contribution (registered visitors can see all the levels):

  • Visitors
  • Followers
Visitors are those who arrive at our website, either by following a link or by searching for a certain subject, and for the time being have no specific interest in joining our community.

Visitors are welcome to

  • Read all public content pages and discussions
  • Share their feedback privately
  • Make a public a note in our Guestbook
  • Upvote(‘like’) comments
  • Participate in public polls and view the results
  • Subscribe to notifications about posts in topics of their interest
  • Subscribe to our newsletter
  • Report a problem found on this website

Give one minute of your time to extend your user privileges by registering with us for free..

Registration is easy: just enter your chosen user name, email address and password, and accept our Terms of Use and Comment Policy. Your user name cannot be changed after registration. We will send an email to the email address provided with a confirmation link in it. Once you have confirmed your email address, the Site Admin is able to approve your registration. You will then receive another email from us confirming the approval of your registration.

Registered Visitors are our Followers and have the following user rights in addition to those available for Visitors:

  • Read classified content
  • Comment on posts
  • Comment on Forum discussions
  • Earn achievements in the form of points and badges
  • Request enhancements, new features

Followers are encouraged to enter their full real name. They can customize their user profile, upload their photo or select an avatar image. They can also enter a short bio.