Core Values and Code of Practice

Core values:

  • respect for biodiversity
  • ecological wisdom
  • pollution prevention
  • promoting nonviolence
  • freedom of speech
  • financial transparency

The BA promote Earth to be legally recognised as a “living thing” and as such pursue the goal of bringing the International Environmental Criminal Court (IECC) to existence.

The BA share the view [of G. Hardin: The tragedy of the commons; Science, 162 (1968), pp. 1243-1248 )] that the complete freedom of human reproduction, which resulted in overpopulation of the Earth already 50 years ago, is the key and most significant factor of severe over-exploitation of the Earth ecosystems, and which led to the anthropogenic extinction wave currently in progress, and that only by relinquishing the freedom to breed could other “more precious freedoms” be preserved, such as biodiversity on Earth.

As the human population had reached the level of technological development with which it is possible to make significant alterations on the planetary ecosystem, and had reached the abundance on the Earth that their greenhouse gas emission led to severe adverse effect on the biosphere, such as global warming and acidification of oceans, The BA holds the view that the time for global governance has arrived, and promotes all those efforts which lead into that direction.

Officers of The BA shall all the time walk the talk, be consistent in what they do with what they say.

The BA, as politically independent organization, shall not be involved in political activities including but not limited to being members of political parties, participate in public political debates or discussions. Contributors of The BA, at the same time, might engage in political activities, as long as they don’t compromise the objectives of The BA.

The officers of The BA shall maintain financial transparency by providing a publicly accessible list on The BA’s web site, together with it’s source, of all donations or financial assets which exceeds 1000 CHF (Swiss Franc) or recurring smaller donations or assets, when aggregated amount of these from the same source (donor) exceeds 1000 CHF will be published .

The BA refuses to accept any kind of funds, assets, support, or cooperation from individuals or group of individuals who are involved in, or supporting, either willingly or unwillingly, directly or indirectly, any kind of activities related to

  • poaching and trade of endangered species of flora and fauna;
      – sells, distributes, buy – no matter for what purpose, give away to others, deliver, store, import, export, takes over for detention or for any other purpose, any product, tool, device or other material produced from these;
      – who provide poaching related activities with tools of any kind, processing equipment, vehicles, storage equipment, building or area, carrier equipment;
      – offers, provides access to, executes transactions, participates in, or makes available in any way, financial services for such activities;
  • hard-drug production, delivery, storage or trade, including raw materials and components;
  • trading weapons, conducting or supporting militant activities;
  • prostitution;
  • child-labor;
  • promotion of or contribution to racism;
  • seabed mining;
  • fracking, coal mining, oil or gas drilling;
  • illegal waste-disposal;
  • illegal logging;
  • conduct extractive or otherwise destructive activities to ecosystems especially at natural parks, endemic habitats, protected areas or biological hotspots;
  • production of genetically modified organisms;

In case of receiving donations from any sources falling in any of the above listed categories, funds will be returned back as soon as reasonable evidences become known.