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Sustainable Development Goals

I’m not sure how many people know of SDGs, but for many years I’ve held that sustainable and development were opposites. Invariably development meant damaging or destroying a habitat and…

Picture perfect office - © Dr. Michael White

Tongareva Atoll: Living at the forefront of climate change

Picture perfect office – © Dr. Michael WhiteKia Orana Everyone!Firstly, my apologies for being offline for a while.I’ve been extremely busy researching the rapid impacts of ocean warming on my…

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Ban photos of trophy hunters posing with their dead pray on LinkedIn

LinkedIn should not tolerate sharing photos of people posing with killed animals. LinkedIn is not the venue for trophy hunters’ self marketing Posing with an animal killed just for the…

Ecosystem scale translocation at the Stockton Mine (New Zealand) - © Stéphane Boyer

As humans destroy, might they also create?

It seems like ‘closing the stable door after the horse has bolted’ but I wonder. Might it work? It’s very clear that most people have no interest in changing their…

Overloaded truck - Main Khursheed

Overpopulation versus Conspiracy

Calculations about global human consumptionHere I took GDP per capita figures to infer per capita consumption and ecological footprint.One could argue that comparing living standards on the basis of GDP…

Consume more, conserve more - © Andrzej Krauze

At last: Planet or money!

‘We can persuade ourselves that we are living on thin air, floating through a weightless economy. But it’s an illusion.’ – © Andrzej Krauze Finally people are seeing sense. We…

Fictitious petrol receipt - illustration: Janos Borbely

CO2 Accounting and Other Wicked Tricks

Motto 1: There’s no news like bad news. [Tomorrow Never Dies (1997), Elliot Carver] As COP21 in Paris is approaching, bad news started to appear. Bad?! – Horrific! The window…

Bees land on a sunflower in Munich, Germany - © AP

A Dilemma

Putting a price on Nature? Or not? Money vs Nature

Citarum River - © Channel 4 - Unreported World

Citarum River

If you have time I’d suggest looking at this 25-minute video: it really shows just what we are up against with the industrial-consumer world. Pretty much everything that could be…

Participants in the social media selfie campaign entitled This Is My #EarthStatement. © The Earth Statement

Planetary Transformation

This is an interesting article, and we’d seen some of the ‘tipping points’ earlier this year. It clicks nicely with our recent discussion about The BA and the next step…

Sacred Land - © Jason Wilson for the Guardian


Whether you believe in Cryptozoology or not the last 4, short, paragraphs contain something really profound. Mike 🙂 Recommended reading: Sasquatch

Zachariae Isstrom glacier - © Christoph Horman/


Bye bye Greenland. Well, a glacier anyway. Recommended reading: Greenland glacier melting

Pomacantus imperator (emperor angelfish) cleaning sea turtle - © Dr. Michael White

Novel observation of sea turtle cleaning

The published article can be freely accessed here: White M. (2013): The first study of sea turtles at Rarotonga, Southern Cook Islands Testudo 7: 12-29 Permalink:

Three weeks to Paris

I noticed yesterday that about 80 poor countries may not agree to any deal, unless the rich countries (& largest polluters) contribute funds to help these undeveloped and smaller states.…

Greenpeace India

Recently I’ve received the message below. It seems hard times ahead for Indian conservationist NGOs. 🙁  I wish we could help. Dear Janos, I have just been informed that the Greenpeace…

Gallery of Earth

A nice collection of images. A couple lack clear data on historical context (Lake Chad was known to vary in size: from 4000 square-miles, to 8000 ; and even to…

Extinct or not known?

Coelacanth (Latimeria genus) was first found in an East African fish market (dead). The search was then on until living ones were found. Now there are several species 🙂 Assumed…

Leigh Phillips and the 'eco-austerity'

Eco-Austerity: The Greens and The Left vs Digging and Values

Recently The Guardian presented the readers with real gem from Red Pepper science writer and journalist WordPress: Leigh Phillips titled “The Guardien: Why eco-austerity won’t save us from climate change“.…