Zachariae Isstrom glacier - © Christoph Horman/


Scientists say the Zachariae Isstrom glacier has now become detached from a stabilising sill and is losing ice at a rate of 4.5bn tonnes a year. - © Christoph Horman/

Bye bye Greenland. Well, a glacier anyway.

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    1. Janos

      It is not. It is the indication of the fact that the financial overview page is password protected.
      (By the way it has nothing to do with this particular post, the melting glaciers.)
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  1. Venkatasamy Rama Krishna

    That has been happening for a while now, and other glaciers elsewhere have been melting too. The consequences? Everybody is talking about it but little effort is made to seek a solution, and prevent the foreseen catastrophes. We appear to be living in a comfortable world, in control of our destinies!!

  2. Krishnan Srinivasan

    Melting Gangotri Glaciers in .India have caused havoc in Kedarnath this year. Climate has changed quite drastically. God only knows what is in store for the next year!!

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