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Recently I’ve received the message below. It seems hard times ahead for Indian conservationist NGOs. 🙁  I wish we could help.

Dear Janos,

I have just been informed that the Greenpeace India society status has been cancelled – and we’ve been told to pass a resolution to wind our operations up.

This is another attack on your rights of freedom of speech. And as someone who has supported our campaign for the right to dissent in a democracy – we need your support now more than ever.

Sign the petition to Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary-General

India is the world’s largest democracy but the right of Indians to speak out is under threat. Civil society organisations like INSAF, the Sabrang Trust, Citizens for Justice and Peace, People’s Watch and Greenpeace India are all under attack in a government clampdown.

The cancellation of our society status is the most serious attempt to close us down yet. We will challenge this order in the courts. But we also need to tell the world what is happening in India.

In one month’s time on Human Rights Day (10th December), Greenpeace India will deliver your messages to the United Nations. We don’t have much time so please;

Ask Ban Ki-moon to lend his voice in support of free speech and civil society in India

For more than 15 years, Greenpeace India has been working alongside like-minded groups, to ensure that Indian citizens like you and I, have access to clean energy, food, air and water. But now, perhaps because of our successful campaigns, the Ministry of Home Affairs is trying to close us down.

But if enough of us raise our voices, if we tell our friends, and share the news on social media, then together we can make a stand for civil society and democracy in India.

Please sign the petition to Ban Ki-moon.

Thank you for your support; it is what gives me hope

Priya Pillai
Greenpeace India

5 thoughts on “Greenpeace India

  1. Krishnan Srinivasan

    A coin always has two sides. In India, at least 75% Of the NGOs are in – B -briefcase – category. GP is in this bracket – it’s performance is for advertising stunts and never for G or P. It never made an impact on the society – till this moment concentrating on publicity ONLY. Just look at their calendar of events. See the Indian balance sheet, you will understand that it is the sixth finger on the left hand!. Hardly 10% of the NGOs (run by dedicated individuals) serve the real purpose. Rest are bringo, cringo (cringing), dringo (Draining), stingo (stinging the Govt and administrative machinery) and so on. Our PM KNOWS pretty well the in depth meaning of green and peace. I personally feel, this clamp down is a must. Stunt masters are entertainers only and not dedicated security guards. TBA is certainly a security guard of dedicated individuals, l presume. Be on guard!

  2. Krishnan Srinivasan

    Right to speak for an individual does not grant a civil liberty to attack constitutional assurance given to the common man (as caricatured by RK Laxman). Freedom too has its limits. Presumption based on ignorance needs to be condemned at least for executive actions. Priya Pillai, is just a pawn in the hands of kingpin (queen pin?),
    kept under compulsory wait for sacrifice. Rest is all story.

  3. Venkatasamy Rama Krishna

    I have been aware of the problems of GP India for a while now. I signed their petition a while ago and I have signed it again now. I also happen to be a GP activist, but I only support causes that I believe are right.
    I find what Krishnan says interesting, and surprised that GP India failed India so miserably. Agreed that quite a number of NGOs are only there for the funds. I am too aware of that about NGOs in Africa.
    However, this is something that we at the BA should keep in mind when requests for funding from NGOs around the world start flowing in.

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