Citarum River - © Channel 4 - Unreported World

Citarum River

Citarum River - © Channel 4 - Unreported World

If you have time I’d suggest looking at this 25-minute video: it really shows just what we are up against with the industrial-consumer world. Pretty much everything that could be wrong is! Citarum River

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  1. Michael White Post author

    I was directed to this too, Mike 🙂 Please use the link below with CAUTION:my anti-virus blocked it as having malware. Mike

    Cita-citarum “Citarum Roadmap dan Integrated Citarum Water Resources Management Investment Program (ICWRMIP)is an overview of strategy, planning and implementation which synergize the current situation with vision and output that we want to achieve in the future for a better integrated water resources management in Citarum. This shared vision is also known as CITA-CITARUM.”

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