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Poisoning Hawai’i

This one seems pretty dire, and all the usual suspects involved. 🙁 I noticed too that this is one more aspect of colonial behaviour. Hawai’i and Puerto Rico are supposedly states of US, but neither has the rights allowed to full states. Puerto Rico is crashing right now. Hawai’i is talking yet again of independence.



Air pollution: a conundrum?

Two links here: Santiago largely shut down because of air pollution (it’s location exacerbates the smog problem); then a major discussion on gobal health. It highlights the problem of fossil fuels, and interestingly states that lack of political will is now the major hurdle to a low carbon reality, instead of absence of knowledge or technology. Various reports are mentioned in the second link. The conundrum is saving all the peoples’ lives adds to to our global population pressure. No easy answers.

At last! A hint of truth about hot air!

This short article touches on why we cannot achieve much in our world. The two most vocal powers are determined to do as little as possible. But why? Simple! It interferes with their abillity to make a profit. At the heart of the matter it has only ever been about money: but it is clear that capitalism ~ and the deliberate destruction of our planet to fuel that paradigm ~ has failed. The climate meeting in Paris this December is likely to achieve very little indeed 🙁

A jungle village on Bougainville, 2005 - Lloyd Jones, AAP


: A jungle village on Bougainville, 2005 - Lloyd Jones, AAP

Another disturbing happening. Not good news for those us familiar with these processes, especially Rio Tinto and Abbott. Business first. Does anyone have direct knowledge of the place?

China's last Beijing coal power plant - David Gray, Reuters

China: rapid progress with air pollution

: China's last Beijing coal power plant - David Gray, Reuters

Two interesting articles here. China has always been capable of long-term planning, and more recently with creating rapid change (e.g. building a new city a month). So if these stories are correct, then well done to China. That also begs another question: why is Tony Abbott’s government in Australia stiil so keen on massive new coal mines?

Ortolan bunting - Roger Tidman, Corbis

Europe’s birds

: Ortolan bunting - Roger Tidman, Corbis

Early warning here. I imagine the report itself, once released, will be illuminating. There are several other links off the Guardian article below.