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Another important e-petition asking for help

They only need a few thousand more signatures for this to go to Obama. Any help welcome, thanks. If you are unfamiliar with the impacts of such things take a look at Vieques in Puerto Rico. Michael

A jungle village on Bougainville, 2005 - Lloyd Jones, AAP


: A jungle village on Bougainville, 2005 - Lloyd Jones, AAP

Another disturbing happening. Not good news for those us familiar with these processes, especially Rio Tinto and Abbott. Business first. Does anyone have direct knowledge of the place?

Zambia to lift ban hunting on big cats - Brendan Raisbeck, Alamy

Wildlife trophy hunting!

: Zambia to lift ban hunting on big cats - Brendan Raisbeck, Alamy

This will no doubt raise passions on both sides of the fence as it always does. Anyway I’d like us to think about it, and to provide underpinning evidence to support each argument. Please think deeply about it. Thanks, Mike 🙂

Water World and the impact of climate change

Image: Image from MacMillan New Zealand World Atlas, p. 48

People in the industrialised world often don’t understand why climate change might be of any concern. Too often they frame their viewpoint in terms of how it affects their wage packet, or maintaining their daily lifestyle; that is understandable. It’s the only reality they might know.

But people on the other side of our planet have a very different understanding of reality. This is something we would like to share with you. Climate change is real, our weather patterns have changed; sea levels are creeping up, sometimes substantially. The salt affects what will grow in our already-poor soil; and may well kill the food crops that are already producing fruit. Now you might not care: you just go to the supermarket and shop … we often have no shops. Even if there is a small store the food has to come from very far away, adding further to greenhouse gas emissions. It doesn’t work.

The consumer world’s activities may well cause us to lose our homelands and the burial grounds of our ancestors. Please wake up. Thanks. 🙂

The Guardian: Losing paradise – now by Climate Change

Australia (

Valuing tribal law


Human species is an interesting one. Perhaps the only species which intentionally destroys it’s own habitat. This species pronounced itself ‘the crown of creation’ and this very species can’t stand resisting it’s own rules. Even so called democratic societies willing to punish everybody who ‘deviate’ from the declared ‘common law’ even if he or she doesn’t heart anybody.

Murrumu Walubara Yidindji

Murrumu Walubara Yidindji Photograph: Daniel Hurst/Guardian

Xingu River & Belo Monte dam

Now here’s a curious tale? On one hand you can see some evidence of a construction company making an effort to limit biodiversity loss; but on the other we notice that almost everything has gone wrong with their plans. The results were not those planned. The prosecutor is looking at ‘ethnocide’ and I agree with her. An entire way of life is at risk, and the present situation is similar to when the Yankees put the Native American tribes into reservations ~ awful. This still highlights the need for an IECC, and how the dispossesed have so little say against megacorporations. Thoughts?

The Guardian: Brazil tribes in shadow of Belo Monte dam