Xingu River & Belo Monte dam

Now here’s a curious tale? On one hand you can see some evidence of a construction company making an effort to limit biodiversity loss; but on the other we notice that almost everything has gone wrong with their plans. The results were not those planned. The prosecutor is looking at ‘ethnocide’ and I agree with her. An entire way of life is at risk, and the present situation is similar to when the Yankees put the Native American tribes into reservations ~ awful. This still highlights the need for an IECC, and how the dispossesed have so little say against megacorporations. Thoughts?

The Guardian: Brazil tribes in shadow of Belo Monte dam

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  1. Michael White Post author

    If you never watched it, try and find a copy of ‘Emerald Forest’. The plot has been adjusted for thrills, but the reality is true. The Chief says at one point “when I was young the edge of the world was far away (i.e. the forest boundary) but now it it is here”. It was based on a book called ‘Wizards of the Upper Amazon’.

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