David Cameron: the bee killer!

In the latest disaster from Westminster, Cameron’s government declares that previously banned pesticides can now be used in Britain; this U-turn was sneaked out just before the House of Commons began its very long summer holiday.

The article by Tony Juniper ~ a well respected environmental advocate and activist ~ also considers several other Tory policies churned out in the first 70 days of government. The one I found abyssmal was removing the subsidies from renewable energy enterprises, while giving very large tax breaks to the fossil fuel industry.

When you read the article please also click on ‘Tony Juniper’ at the top and you will find a remarkable set of stories: my favourite was about Environment versus Greed. Thinking about what Tony has written gave me an idea: we’ve had Millennium Development Goals and now Sustainable Development Goals … but what we most need are a global set of SUSTAINABLE ENVIRONMENT GOALS.

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