Our website moved to Scotland

Hi everybody,

I have the pleasure to inform you that, effective from today, our website hosting has been transferred to Inverness, Scotland, and now it is in the expert hands of the Summit Web Solutions’ support team. Moreover as you can see in your browser’s address bar, our website now runs on https (http over SSL).

This is an important step ahead, providing us with a more stable technical environment, a much more experienced technical customer service team, and highly increased performance and security.

After few weeks of preparation, requesting information and quotes from many hosting companies from South-Africa to Scotland, Summit Web has been selected as the one offering the best service and value for money.

Equally importantly, as most of you are well aware, Scotland is pioneering in transforming their economy into an environmentally friendly, carbon neutral economy. Therefore I am especially happy to establish a hopefully long term relationship with Summit Web.

8 thoughts on “Our website moved to Scotland

  1. Michael White

    Many thanks Janos. A very good move in my opinion too. I also noticed the SSL addition this morning, very pleased as it should give our site extra security. I did not get an alert from BA saying you made this new post, maybe because we changed from http to https … see if we get any alerts from this. Otherwise may be worth doing a test post under tech topics? Thanks, Mike 🙂

    1. Janos Post author

      Yes Mike, It seems Notification does not work for some reason. While our website was being transferred, an auto-update of our WordPress Core happened from 3.9.3. to 3.9.4 and there might be a version incompatibility between WordPress Core and the Notification plugin. I’ll check it.

      1. Michael White

        Thanks Janos, yes I’m getting comment alerts now, but still don’t seem to get post alerts. Also when I make a comment I get a ‘syntax error message … to do with JSON parse, line 1 etc’ Do you get that too? For the user it suggests that the comment was not uploaded, but when you refresh or check again later it is there. I presume that’s why we sometimes see 2 or 3 repeat comments. Thanks for figuring this out though 🙂 Mike

        1. Janos Post author

          No Mike, I haven’t received such message. Would it be possible to capture it somehow? To Make a screenshot about it? I guess it’s quite tricky.

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