Visiting countries - last 24 hours - 2015.03.17

Our achievements in two weeks, since our website is public

Hi Everybody, below is a short summary of what we have achieved since March 3., the 2nd World Wildlife Day when I announced our website on LinkedIn and lifted the ban from our website not allowing search engines indexing it.

12 members joined to our group on LinkedIn (excluding myself);
29 countries visited our website altogether, and we had visitors from
11 countries during the last 24 hours;
1 Membership request (for paid membership at The BA) has been received and accepted
1 received Grant Funding application, currently waiting for review and assessment
2 Letter of Intents received seeking
– Strategic Allied Partnership from Honu Cook Islands
– Project Partnership from FRSD
11 signatures received supporting our campaign to save the Pangolins. Out of this
– 6 confirmed and
– 5 unconfirmed yet (probably due to automatic placement of our confirmation email into the spam folder of signers’)
9 participants voted on our poll about the major factors causing devastation on biological diversity

We also managed to attract the attention of several hackers. Based on the analysis of logged data it can be inferred with high probability that there were humanoids behind the attacks rather than pre-programmed hacking tools. It is also highly likely that the attacks were perpetrated by individual motivation actors and not by members of organized groups like the syndicate which is behind the majority of the Pangolin black-trade worldwide.

The hacker used fake IP addresses covering their location. The following ranges were detected (to see the IP ranges below you need to be logged in):

So far the hackers were not able to make any detectable damage on the website which has been fully operational and online since it is public.

We are very much look forward to having more members, visitors, voters, applicant and feedback from everybody so we hope we can announce even more attractive achievements in on 3rd of April, when our website will be public since one month. Welcome to The Biodiversity Alliance! 🙂

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  1. Michael White

    Very well done Janos, thank you 🙂 One thing that is surprising is our meta-data. If we can learn so much just from folk visiting our website, then imagine how much information the data-miners gather? Mike 🙂

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