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Zambia to lift ban hunting on big cats - Brendan Raisbeck, Alamy

Wildlife trophy hunting!

: Zambia to lift ban hunting on big cats - Brendan Raisbeck, Alamy

This will no doubt raise passions on both sides of the fence as it always does. Anyway I’d like us to think about it, and to provide underpinning evidence to support each argument. Please think deeply about it. Thanks, Mike 🙂

Incense stick production in Hue, Vietnam

TPP and TTIP: What are these all about?

Image: Incense stick production in Hue, Vietnam. The country could be one of the biggest winners of a potential Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement. Source - Austronesian Expeditions.

As TTIP came up recently in Mike’s post, I made a search and found plenty of writings discussing all the potential dangers on the horizon resulting from these trade negotiations. This article TPP & TTIP: More Questions Than Answers on the World Bank’s website is an especially good one for comparing the two.


Hi Friends,

Today people of Switzerland had the opportunity to vote about three topics, one of them is called the ‘Ecopop initiative’.

The Ecopop group ( objective was to limit the immigration influx to the country and to force the Swiss government to allocate and spend considerable amount of money to education so lowering the fertility rate in the developing countries.

Sky News: Switzerland vote on immigration cap

It seems they couldn’t win, still as far as I can see from the news they gathered above 30%. In my view, all of those in Switzerland who seconded the Ecopop initiative will be open to our messages as well.