Poisoning Hawai’i

This one seems pretty dire, and all the usual suspects involved. 🙁 I noticed too that this is one more aspect of colonial behaviour. Hawai’i and Puerto Rico are supposedly states of US, but neither has the rights allowed to full states. Puerto Rico is crashing right now. Hawai’i is talking yet again of independence.




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1 thought on “Poisoning Hawai’i

  1. Krishnan Srinivasan

    Most of the small insular states and countries have been assaulted by the multinational crop giants with GM seeds, where local politicians succumb to money power. It takes at least a decade for the public to realize the damage caused, too late for any remedy. It is a curse. Who is to Bell the cat? Think of it, if this happens in the US, where unlimited freedom to voice is guaranteed, what will happen in the third world countries?.

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