Cash free

I agree strongly with this. I live in a mainly subsistence-based society, where money is peripheral rather than central to our way of life (basically paying power & phone bills; and ordering a small amount of foreign cargo). You quickly understand that nature takes time to grow and reproduce, and we must look after our world if we desire to survive. Plant something every day, and clear away the weeds or parasites that are impacting what is already growing. Use everything sustainably. Waste nothing. Give more than you take.

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  1. Janos

    It is a great piece of writing from Mark Boyle, radiating the optimism, that as human beings we are able to live in a way which is much more peaceful towards the nature than it is now.

    What I miss from this writing is some details about the arable area (land size) which was required for Mark to support his life. Let’s try to imagine that suddenly every city dweller decided to follow the exemplary, cash-independent lifestyle described by Mike.

    Would it be possible at all?

    I don’t think so. I’m afraid we need to realize – precisely based on this writing by Mark – that our world has been already severely overpopulated. Existence of human species since many-many decades has been based on highly productive machinery and heavy usage of fertilizers to produce the required amount of crops and meat. This is a fact, so we must accept it. That is why I think that as one key step towards sustainable living on global scale, the human population size has to be stabilized – preferably before the headcount hit the 8 billion mark.

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