Air pollution as a killer!

An in depth and thoughtful assessment of air pollution in cities.

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Marine Zoologist specialising in endangered species and remote atoll research. I use modern science and Ethnozoology to provide culturally meaningful conservation projects, with a special focus on the sustainable use of natural resources and food sovereignty. "Tread gently on the Earth"

2 thoughts on “Air pollution as a killer!

  1. Venkatasamy Rama Krishna

    Quite a powerful article Mike, and frightening too. But this is the world we and others have created for us. That fossil fuels are destroying lives matters little to those whose main concern is profit, made under the guise of development and progress. Can we turn the clock back? I doubt it, unless if people are agreeable to go back to simple lives. So, unfortunately, the world will go through the full cycle. There will be roads and highways where there have never been any, and the dream of owning and driving cars will persist until the end of times.

    1. Michael White Post author

      Yes Ven. Sad but true. Those that don’t have much aspire to become consumers. Those who are already mainstream consumers could not cope without shopping. Those who have buckets full of money don’t know what to do with it: it’s overwhelming how quickly it multiplies 🙂

      Perhaps that is the endgame. The only thing remaining on our barren devoid-of-life planet is money … but none left to spend it 🙂

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