Human evolution still unfolding

Although some people choose not to believe that evolution is real, there is good evidence that Darwinian adaptation is still unfolding. “Survival of the fittest” actually means that those who are the most adaptable to changing circumstances, are the ones most likely to pass their genes on to future generations.

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5 thoughts on “Human evolution still unfolding

      1. Michael White Post author

        Yes Ven, I’m sure that is exactly what they are wishing for! The ‘richest’ do have a problem, however, in that inbreeding will sooner or later cause genetic fixation (as in the Windsor royal family: they needed Diana Spencer & Sarah Ferguson to bring in fresh blood/genes … then both were rapidly discarded after producing 2 children ~ ‘not wanted on voyage’).

        Looking back through history we see the same pattern in most ‘dynasties’; and also in the presently unfolding American political ones. Not noted for their brightness or compassion!

        I thought the cartoon was great too: very realistic. We’ve come to a curious period, where the vast majority of humanity is ‘asleep’ ~ oblivious to events in the real world. Just locked into a cycle of trying to get money to survive, and being manipulated by the mass media. All pre-determined by the ‘rich’.

        So I presume we’ll either see a great awakening, or a mass extinction. Mike

        1. Michael White Post author

          Exactly Janos. That is precisely the reason the Israelis are so determined to destroy Palestine. The Palestinians tend to have larger families than the Jews, for both cutural & traditional reasons. They are not alone in that.

          Your link included a significant reason for family size too: reduced childhood mortality in industrialised countries has allowed fewer children to be required. We still see this problem in Africa and rural areas worldwide. Take a look at malaria and you’ll see the majority of deaths are the under-5s. So health care, clean drinking water, sufficent good quality food, as well as control over female fertility do change the reality. But 99% of the people passing on their genes is a very different picture than just 1% … whatever the aspirations of the wealthy are.

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