Pros & Cons; ifs & buts? Dramatic change or business-as-usual?

This article also has a link to an online calculator. Several things jump out. Politicians are absolutely the worst people to do anything about climate change ~ they can only think short-term & are terrified of doing anything that upsets a voter!

When you look at the calulator, there are all manner of lifestyle choices … but most of them mean that the billions of folk living in poverty, are expected to remain in poverty. That really isn’t on. One solution of course is global equality: everyone is entitled to exactly the same amount of all resources, whether food, water, clean air, electricity etc.

The real message for these times is: how do your individual actions & choices affect other people? How many people starve because you’ve just had your 3rd long-distance holiday this year? How many innocents must suffer because a greedy nation decides to have a war somewhere else.? Please: think of others 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Pros & Cons; ifs & buts? Dramatic change or business-as-usual?

  1. Michael White Post author

    Exactly Ven, but I think the calculator has value for the uninformed. Once they tweak some levers they will realise that unless we change the entire way we live on our planet that nothing is going to work. The rest is all just hot air.

    I did follow the fracking debate, but they did crush the rights of homeowners to sue for trespass (awful). Perhaps more interesting is if Lancashire County Council decided to ban fracking in their county. i.e. a direct snub to London, Fingers crossed.

    Actually the bottom line is we should from today drastically reduce fossil fuel use ::: from TODAY

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