Jurassic Coast windfarm?

I know this area pretty well, lived somewhere along there three times too. The cliffs are mainly chalk and home to an incredible fossil fauna. Its spectacular beauty is very well known. I’m also intrigued that this is another environmental damaging venture from EDF ~ the French firm involved in Hinckley Point reactor. Perhaps it’s time to take a look at EDF & add them to a ‘Black list’?


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7 thoughts on “Jurassic Coast windfarm?

  1. Janos

    I have been also thinking about creating a blacklist for those organizations who conduct especially environment damaging activities and make huge profit from that. EDF is also known for me from my home country. I know pretty well how they colonize everything they can put their hands on. Janos

  2. Janos

    What a surprise … Rio Tinto 🙂 Yes, good idea, Ven. I remember, in last June-July, when I got the impression that Roger had no will to move ahead, I was hoping that sooner or later we find an opportunity to come back to the topics like Biodiversity Offset and Rio Tinto. And here we go…

    1. Krishnan Srinivasan

      Rio Tinto is very strong with a lot of corrupt politicians’ backing. Carlos type of scientists hired by them will go to any extent to prove that mining and swindling of these resources are “GOOD” for locals. Only after three decades people will realize. Let us see.

  3. Michael White Post author

    Thanks for your input folks. Yes I see the blacklist as being a good idea. It would also associate nicely with our other idea of listing those processes or activities that are the most detrimental to the biosphere.

    So we have a prioritised list of the MOST damaging activities, and then, at least in some cases, we’ll have the companies, governments, or individuals that perpetrate these (crimes?). Such a matrix should allow us to direct our energies quite easily (cost/benefit … pro/con). Mike 🙂

    PS Yes Krishnan I also had several long arguments/discussions with Carlos as he tried to say that seafloor mining (e.g. by Nautilus) was very environmentally friendly. NOT ???

    PPS The plant at Bhopal (dioxin disaster) was no doubt ‘good’ for the locals as it provided jobs! 🙁

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