Fracking update: Very Important

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9 thoughts on “Fracking update: Very Important

  1. Venkatasamy Rama Krishna

    There is a lot of talk about fracking these days Mike, and somebody has even mentioned “sustainable fracking.” The lobby is very strong, especially in the USA. David Cameron is all out for fracking. He must have been converted (not to say bought). There was a petition on linkedin to stop Cameron from taking his decision further, which I signed, sent out to some 20 of my good friends in the UK, and asking them to send it off to as many as they can, starting some form of chain. Hope it works.

  2. Michael White Post author

    Yes Ven, also some groups linking in against Cameron removing householder’s rights to prevent fracking etc under their own properties. I saw 2 days ago a bizarre development. That some Lords of the Manor (Manorial, or Seigneurs) have now exercised their Rights ~ dating back to feudal times ~ to appropriate minerals or other deposits beneath the homes of their ‘tenants’ (even though folk entirely own their own home). This archaic legislation would include such acts as the right of the Lord to take the virginity of a commoner’s daughter! Seems we’e moved on in some areas, but severely regressed in others. Mike 🙁

  3. Janos

    Incredible. I’d say it’s simply a ‘hole’ in the laws. To govern ‘normal’ human behavior there is a category in the laws for actions which may eventually and unintentionally harm somebody else’ health or life or can lead to significant damage in properties. I think here we see exactly that sort of situation. Franking will be covered in my recent course, I’ll be watching. Sadly and similarly to ‘defaunation’ it seems we need to create a new word or phrase. ‘Anthropo-disaster’?

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