Toxic chemicals in British rivers

Likely to be true, I lived on the waterways for 10 years travelling extensively. Some fish species were eaten: brown trout and pike for instance, but others now likely to be eaten as millions of folk face poverty in Britain.

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3 thoughts on “Toxic chemicals in British rivers

  1. Venkatasamy Rama Krishna

    Interesting article Mike, and I am sure this applies to most water bodies around the world. In an effort to produce more and more from the land, extensive use of agricultural chemicals have obviously accumulated in water bodies, and transferred to fish and other organisms. There is no doubt that the whole world is searching for new food sources. There is too little to satisfy too many already.
    So I have no doubt that the dangers of human contamination is present, in spite of what some may declare.

  2. Michael White Post author

    Thank Ven, yes a cursory look around most water courses suggests they are polluted. I’m always annoyed by people throwing their trash or chemicals into the rivers. When I was young, and in a few remote places we used to swim in the rivers & streams ~ but they no longer entice me 🙁

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