Mediterranean Sea & benthic invertebrate mortality

You can download the PDF. The authors have looked at an extensive dataset and show a positive link to rising temperatures for mass mortalities of benthic invertebrates. I was also based in the Mediterranean for 15 years and noticed poor biodiversity ~ just the same few species in greater or lesser numbers depending on the location. I had some salinity tests done at my university and the eastern Mediterranean had increased about 15% from reported levels [normal Atlantic salinity is assumed to be 36 ppm; easterm Med was around 39-40 ppm, but I found 42 ppm at Kefalonia, Greece, in 2002].

Also the formation of Mediterranean Deep Water had moved from the Ionian to the Aegean in less than 10 years (I’ll try and find a ref for this).

PLoS ONE: Sea invertebrate mortality

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  1. Michael White Post author

    I presume this is happening elsewhere too ~ anyone have any evidence? An issue in the Mediterranean is that it is now very salty, especially in the eastern basin, so perhaps osmosis, as well as temperature is a causative factor. Mike

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