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Whaling: for science or eating?

Once again Japan tries to outwit the International Whaling Commission by producing yet another ‘scientific plan’ to show that killing the  large marine mammals would be sustainable. It is a fact that Japan permits the whalemeat to enter its luxury food market. My burning question is: “In how many other fields of science do your scientific experimental animals get eaten?” I doubt there are many.

Confiscated smuggled pangolins

Rescued pangolins sold as food by rangers

Image: A newly born confiscated smuggled pangolin accompanied by its mother shortly after giving birth, in Bangkok, Thailand. Photograph: RUNGROJ YONGRIT/RUNGROJ YONGRIT/epa/Corbis

How such deliberate cruelty can be handled – and more importantly – prevented in the future? What has to be done to get the message through to these people that the targets of their delicacy are living creatures with feelings?