Proposed ban on deep seabed trawling

Be good if this happens, bottom trawling is a real disaster: everything goes. 🙁

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2 thoughts on “Proposed ban on deep seabed trawling

  1. Michael White Post author

    I agree Ven. If the EU actually bans it then that applies to all 28 countries, hopefully much of the Mediterranean, … & I wonder about all the ex-colonies of France, Spain, Portugal, Holland & Britain? A global ban would be best.

    I was scuba diving one day when a shallow water trawl came past ~ scary!

    Another observation was from all the yacht charter flotillas (like Sunsail). I saw first-hand the horrendous impacts of their poor anchoring techniques in the Ionian Islands. Instead of motoring the yacht forward until the anchor cable was vertical, and then winching in ~ they dragged the whole thing across the seafloor, uprooting all the Posidonia oceanica (endemic to Med). What happened next was invasive algae (e.g. Caulerpa racemosa) rapidly colonised the impacted areas ~ growing much more quickly than the seagrass. Trawls would do exactly the same. Mike

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