Climate Change ~ a political view

Just so we understand what we are up against :::

The Guardian: Lima climate talks 2014 to prepare Paris COP

It’s very clear that politics-as-usual, and business-as-usual have not the slightest intention of doing anything meaningful about greenhouse gas emissions. They are still rattling on about  money ~ the only thing that matters to them. Now the COP at Lima will be squabbling about who should pay for their planetary damage. Remember this is mostly caused by the rich countries, not the poor ones. The article above also explains that rich nations don’t want anything legally-binding (costs them money). So Lima, then Paris are likely to be whitewashes.

The Green Climate Fund has been promised just under $10 billion: less than City of London finance workers’ annual bonuses; and only about 3 days US military spending. Pig feed!

I’d not considered this before, but a political angle on climate change will be a useful adjunct to the scientific requirements. I notice that the 2 degree Celsius limit now seems to be rapidly disappearing as unachieveable … I expect 4C then 6C will come and go.

Interesting times, Mike 🙂


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