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Palm oil and Nutella

Ségolène Royal, France’s ecology minister says Nutella is made using palm oil, which is contributing to deforestation, and urged Ferrero to make the spread with ‘other ingredients’. “Oil palms have replaced trees, and therefore caused considerable damage to the environment,” she explained. The full article is available here:
When I read this news, I was glad: there is an environment minister who is dedicated to protection of nature, and not only guided by political interests.
But I was wrong. The next day came the cold shower: Ségolene Royal issued her apology after the Italian company which makes Nutella said its palm oil is sourced in a responsible way.
The full article is available here:
My questions are:
– Who determines what is a responsible way?
– What palm oil can be replaced? The production of these other ingredients is polluating or not?
– Is there a list of companies that use palm oil?