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Yesterday late evening I spotted an few seconds advertisement at the main railway station in Zurich and today I followed up on the url.

The main message of the spot was to eat fish only once a month (here in Switzerland). I have to say this was the most unexpected and by far the best ad, as far as it’s message concerned, I have ever seen in this country during my last four years.

A very simple idea delivered in simple terms. We can learn from them I think. I haven’t read their statutes but I encourage you to have a look.

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  1. Michael White

    Thank you Janos, nice find 🙂

    I’d always been quite anguished by the way the industrial nations despoiled, then emptied the seas. I was at a fisheries conference in London during the 1990s: one of the speakers said he represented the largest user-group for fish in Britain. Who were they? Bone-meal & fish-glue! In other words they got fish to grind up and then people could spread this stuff on their gardens? Totally unsustainable.

    The next aspect was looking at where supermarkets sourced their frozen fish products. We saw the decline of the North Sea & Icelandic fisheries, the collapse of the Grand Banks, Canada; then the rest of the North Atlantic was emptied. New Zealand came to the front (hoki), then South China Seas; tuna from the Pacific (rapidly collapsing now); almost all the squid (calamari) & ‘seafood medley’ has been coming from Chile (the upwelling coastal area off South America). The old European colonial powers are now finishing the exploitation in the South Atlantic, clearing the seas by their former West African colonies. Mediterranean virtually emptied, Black Sea gone. Not sure of the status in the Indian Ocean, but I imagine it’s similar to everywhere else now. Too many people, too few natural resources.

    I will mention that in my place fish is the main food. But we catch just a few each day, we waste nothing, and we have no bycatch; the guts go back into the sea for the sharks to eat (they swim round our feet when we are cleaning the fish catch) ~ Nature in balance. Mike 🙂

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