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Yesterday late evening I spotted an few seconds advertisement at the main railway station in Zurich and today I followed up on the url.

The main message of the spot was to eat fish only once a month (here in Switzerland). I have to say this was the most unexpected and by far the best ad, as far as it’s message concerned, I have ever seen in this country during my last four years.

A very simple idea delivered in simple terms. We can learn from them I think. I haven’t read their statutes but I encourage you to have a look.

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    1. Ating SolihinAting Solihin

      I posted a comment but above it is a line “waiting for moderation.” Thus, I am waiting until tonight because tomorrow morning I will be heading to the forest again for about one month with one break of travel to the marine site. Salam. Ating

      1. JanosJanos Post author

        Hi Ating, I’m pleased to see that you are around. I will figure out how can I eliminate the necessity of approval comments from higher level members, like each of you. Interestingly the current framework does not always requires my approval when any of you send a new comment.
        Anyway, for how long time will you be away? I’d like to hear something about the idea of BA from you. Do you like it? Do you consider to participate as a founder? What do you miss? ….?????
        Best regards,

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