Our strength

We do not say that a platform providing contribution possibilities on such a wide scale as this one, has never been made for protecting biodiversity. But in fact we do not know any. Our Alliance and Contribution Policy provide you with details of how can you join our efforts in some way. Regardless of where you are, if you are a professional ranger, a scientist, a passionate student or even someone who has no energy left to care about nature because your daily survival is at stake, you are welcome to join.

Remember: Size does matter!

That might be seen as a weakness. The advantage is however that we don’t have to keep our mouths shut when it comes to taboos or sensitive topics, in order to get our annual budget signed off. The people of the street and you, dear visitor, have the say on our common budget.

The fund we collect is to finance particular projects. The project budgeting will be public and accessible to you. Everyone can follow how the money will be spent. Furthermore donations above 1,000 CHF are by definition public, indicating the source.

The Biodiversity Alliance have a vested interest in healing our planet and recovering its dying biosphere. This is what can make our future better not financial investments, which at the end always capitalize ecosystem services and transform them to personal wealth.

Our biosphere is devastated by overpopulation and infinite growth-driven economical models. We live in a planet with finite carrying capacity, what has been exceeded already more than 50 years ago. Pushing for further growth makes sense only for the wealthiest 1%. It is very painful to recognize that for the global problems humans are facing with right now, there is no nice or pleasant solution. The sooner we start to solve them the lesser the pain will be.

The number of topics we can discuss here are infinite due to the infinite variety and location of events hurting biodiversity, and the pressure made by 7.2+ billion people on daily bases. When it comes to do an action we need to be very focused and coordinated.

Time does matter!

If we launch a campaign impacting endangered species life, it does make a difference if we can collect large number of supportive signatures for our petition quickly. If it takes long time, the species in question lose their life while we struggling with our campaign. So time is really a matter of life and death.

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