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Investor-State Dispute Settlement

This pernicious issue is so devious, underhand, and anti-democratic. The article is a very thought provoking read, but still raises more questions than answers. Of note in Europe is that yesterday the EU postponed a vote on the TTIP: part of the reason is that over 2 million people signed a petition to their MEPs telling them not to support this US hegemonic deal. I urge everyone to keep the pressure on the parliamentarians. This story tells us why 🙂

The ‘poodle’ bites back!!!

This is the first bit of noise concerning this issue. We know that politicians are remarkably untrustworthy, therefore cannot believe anything they say. Such platitudes as ‘don’t worry, it’ll be fine’ don’t carry any weight. The Phillip Morris plain packaging for cigarettes is a clear enough example. It is clearly wrong that a foreign company, or even the British or EU arm of one, might be able to prevent or even undo national legislation. The only ones who should be able to do that are: the primary legislators; the revising chamber; or the public through a referendum. No one else. The State Courts & Judiciary are the gatekeepers ~ their hands must NOT be tied.