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Marriage equality support in US

BIG team to support marriage equality

Image: Marriage equality support in US

First I was really disappointed to see that this topic is important enough for the blue-chips to spend effort on it. But soon after I realized that actually it is indeed a very good initiative. It could be very helpful to help the efforts against overpopulation 🙂

Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Google team up to support marriage equality

Does the global human population mean an end to biodiversity?

Garrett Hardin wrote in The tragedy of the commons (1968) [Science 162: 1243?1248] that the complete freedom of human reproduction, which already resulted in overpopulation of the Earth fifty years ago, is the key and most significant factor of severe over-exploitation of the Earth ecosystems; and furthermore, this led to the anthropogenic extinction wave currently in progress. He suggested that only by relinquishing the freedom to breed could other ?more precious freedoms? be preserved, such as biodiversity on Earth. Was he correct?

Decrease of Population Pressure

Japan is ‘facing with shrinking population figures’ which is – according to the mainstream media – is a serious issue. Is it indeed? The expected lifetime in Japan is among the highest in the world. (Well in Greece, particularly in Crete it is even higher, sunshine, good red wine, fish meat, all help a lot for the Greek people there). Due to social and traditional reasons Japanese women think twice how to conduct their life, with or without a baby. Japan already enjoy the benefit of high quality health care. The pressure for their environment for sure has been lowered.

The Guardian: Japan suffers from shrinking population