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Came across this today, seems like a good step and reflects well on our perceived need for an International Environmental Criminal Court (IECC). Its intent to go after the higher levels of organised crime are indeed risky, and will open the operatives up to attack. Note that the WJC will have no powers ~ either to compel or to prosecute ~ and hopes to use ‘public outrage’ to shame governments into acting! The article’s final three paragraphs explain much … and are the same issues as for the IECC. The need to have such court is right now ~ otherwise biodiversity loss will just continue unabated ~ but the process of establishing one will be furiously resisted on many levels.

Finally, I wonder if there is a link between Mozambique and Macau ~ both former Portuguese colonies ~ with the former providing the export gateway, and Macau as the import route to Asia? Should be one for us to watch 🙂

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