The Hague: a climate change win

This one will be important, and a new gateway for us to explore. Also what I believe is a new link for us ‘ClientEarth’ 🙂

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3 thoughts on “The Hague: a climate change win

  1. Venkatasamy Rama Krishna

    I think that the world is now historically reaching a turning point, where the law is proving to be more powerful than those who have been cutting corners about issues concerning people and planet, I mean politicians and corporations. There is no doubt that this has created a precedence in the legal system around the world and there will be more cases taken to court for fair consideration.
    Brings me to our project of the IECC. The idea makes even more sense now than ever.

  2. Michael White Post author

    Thanks Ven. The one I’m watching now is the Lancashire Council decision to approve fracking. They don’t want to, but are being threatened with huge legal court costs if they vote it down. Dubious, devious and dishonest behaviour by Cuadrilla. I really hope the Council resist this awful pressure. They’ve psotponed their decision on planning consent until Monday. Mike

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