Investor-State Dispute Settlement

This pernicious issue is so devious, underhand, and anti-democratic. The article is a very thought provoking read, but still raises more questions than answers. Of note in Europe is that yesterday the EU postponed a vote on the TTIP: part of the reason is that over 2 million people signed a petition to their MEPs telling them not to support this US hegemonic deal. I urge everyone to keep the pressure on the parliamentarians. This story tells us why 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Investor-State Dispute Settlement

  1. Venkatasamy Rama Krishna

    This is the way the world is going, when politicians become the valets of corporations and the USA wants to rule the world, especially developing countries, through the financial avenues. The World bank owes it existence to the developing world, and it is unfortunate that developing countries have not yet see the new era type of slavery they are being subjected to. And this not the end….China now wishes to replace the World Bank, or at least compete with it to perpetuate financial slavery in developing countries.

  2. Janos

    I’ve added the very same Guardian article to my Natura2000 – TTIP post on our LinkedIn group yesterday. Moreover it seems there is a growing momentum to oppose these brain-sucking hegemony efforts, it starts working as an umbrella which unify all flavors of opponents:
    Protests against TTIP in Bavaria

  3. Venkatasamy Rama Krishna

    I like this comment from Hartenstein (A 61 yr old veteran of anti-globalisation), regarding Monsanto and Bayer. “They are global companies, with global power. But today we are told, over and over, that globalism is good. Good for a few, yes, very good. To call yourself a globalist? You would have to be very stupid. Or very, very rich.”

    1. Michael White Post author

      Thanks Ven, I like it, I’m also very aware of how the media works: keep saying the same thing hoping that sooner or later someone will believe them. In Hollywood they used to say “fake it till you make it” (in other words: pretend you are a superstar and sooner or later you will be). Another useful description is ‘brainwashing’ 🙂

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