At last! A hint of truth about hot air!

This short article touches on why we cannot achieve much in our world. The two most vocal powers are determined to do as little as possible. But why? Simple! It interferes with their abillity to make a profit. At the heart of the matter it has only ever been about money: but it is clear that capitalism ~ and the deliberate destruction of our planet to fuel that paradigm ~ has failed. The climate meeting in Paris this December is likely to achieve very little indeed 🙁

2 thoughts on “At last! A hint of truth about hot air!

  1. Michael White Post author

    The twisted language of many politicians, and constant repetition of soundbites until they seem believable, only serves to blind people to the real issues in our world. Government and vested-interests control of mass media only reinforces this concern. For example a senior Westminster tory politician said recently that nuclear energy is ‘green’. While it may be true that nuclear power produces less carbon emissions than coal, it is far from being environmentally-friendly ~ as Chernobyl, 3-mile Island, and Fukushima attest.

  2. Venkatasamy Rama Krishna

    UK politicians have always been playing backyard ball games with US politicians, both disregarding the needs of their own citizens and those of the rest of the world. The UK…US love affair does not date from yesterday, if one remembers Thatcher well.

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