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Animal activism is not terrorism.

Image: Don?t you want to save me too? Photograph: USFWS Mountain-Prairie/flickr

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Marine Zoologist specialising in endangered species and remote atoll research. I use modern science and Ethnozoology to provide culturally meaningful conservation projects, with a special focus on the sustainable use of natural resources and food sovereignty. "Tread gently on the Earth"

5 thoughts on “Animal activism is not terrorism.

  1. Janos

    Pretty clear. Whatever “damages or causes the loss of any real or personal property” (i.e.: property of vested interest) than the perpetrator can be jailed for up to end of her or his life… This is pure paranoia on the first place. On the second this is the confession that the US economy would collapse without converting ecosystem services from other form of life than human into financial capital.

      1. Michael White Post author

        Yes Ven, very very limited views on reality ~ this is the real ‘dumbing down’ aspect of the world today. To use a modern expression; the ‘sheeple’ are easily manipulated by dodgy politicians and the media frenzy.

        Westminster is as bad. Two days ago George Osborne was saying that Greece is the greatest threat in the world; last September it was Scottish independence. Of course neither are real threats. It is just about money & the illusion of stock markets.

        A futher global issue is America’s obsession with killing, and an absolute fetish with guns … so many. If you look at most of the world very few countries have folk wandering about with guns. Obviously the war zones are exceptions, but most nations are unarmed.

          1. Venkatasamy Rama Krishna

            Right Mike, they see enemies everywhere when it comes to their own or their friends personal interests, which are purely about financial gains or losses. America cannot clean its own backyard and yet it wants to set the pace for the rest of the world, which it does very subtly anyway.
            It again shows how powerful corporations are Janos, a power which politicians have given them. No reasoning works with them and the fact that they have the power to do or undo politicians make them feel they can rule the life of people too.

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