Saving Kemp’s ridley turtles in Gulf of Mexico

A good news about releases of turtles in Louisiana waters.

Kemp's ridley turtle

An endangered Kemp?s ridley turtle is held by Dr Tres Clarke, a veterinarian for the Audubon Nature Institute, as he releases it into the Gulf of Mexico, 24 miles off the coast of Louisiana. Photograph: Gerald Herbert/AP

4 thoughts on “Saving Kemp’s ridley turtles in Gulf of Mexico

  1. Michael White

    The, still modest, recovery of Kemp’s Ridley has been a remarkable success story involving many 100s of partners and much effort. Kemp’s, curiously, exhibit arribada behaviour ~ nesting en-masse. In the case of another sea turtle, Olive Ridley, this also nests en-masse, but over several nights. The Kemp’s ALL nest on the same day and at the same time … and until quite recently all on a single beach Rancho Nuevo.

    In the 1940’s some aerial film showed many 1000’s of Kemps nesting there, then a few years later it was hundreds, until at the end there were only 400 nesters left. The Mexican government put a military blockade round the site, forced egg-harvesters to cease, and carefully monitored their efforts hoping for a miracle. They got one 🙂

    Through persistent effort Kemp’s now has extended its range, probably recolonising its historic distribution, so that nesting now occurs in Florida, Georgia & Louisiana. I imagine Texas gets a look in too. So far so good, however the Gulf of Mexico is heavily impacted by shrimp trawlers … but that is another story. Mike 🙂

  2. Janos Post author

    When I noticed this report I was perfectly sure that it makes you happy. It made me happy as well. A year ago I found an internet address where one can apply for voluntary work in Greece in a turtle rescue camp. So far it was on hold but now as I started to distant myself from the financial world the time has come to check it.

  3. Michael White

    You can apply to work with Archelon, they run projects in several locations : fieldwork will mainly be from around Easter until say September, includes Crete ~ very good one on west side of Peloponnese, Kyparissia. Zakynthos too. Maybe a little up at Lefkadas, not sure. They also have a sea turtle hospital in Athens … I can put you in touch with people if interested, but just check out their websites, as there will be a host of information about all of their activities. Mike 🙂

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