Final version of the IECC document

Dear friends, please find linked the ultimate version of our justification for establishing an International Environmental Criminal Court. Thank you, Mike & Ven.

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Marine Zoologist specialising in endangered species and remote atoll research. I use modern science and Ethnozoology to provide culturally meaningful conservation projects, with a special focus on the sustainable use of natural resources and food sovereignty. "Tread gently on the Earth"

14 thoughts on “Final version of the IECC document

  1. Michael White Post author

    Hi Janos, any idea why sometimes the links hyper-link and at others they don’t? Last night that little dinosaur cartoon hyper-linked, today the IECC pdf doesn’t?

    I did the dinosaur by uploading to the library, clicking edit and added caption / description, then update, then copied URL and pasted in my post. Easy.

    IECC: I dragged & dropped PDF to brower window, clicked edit from that page (didn’t go to library page at all), added caption & description, added IECC category, clicked update, copied URL, pasted to post. Clicked publish, but not hyper-linked.

    Thanks, Mike

    1. Janos

      I’ll check Mike, and will let you know if I can figure out. You know, this framework from WordPress what we are using is a great thing because so far it saved my 2-3 years of development. But it’s open source and modular, and as such it’s not free from bugs. We have to live with it. I can imagine easily that you did everything fine and it’s just a special ‘use case’ where something does not work perfectly well. Janos

  2. Janos

    Wow, it looks really good, congratulation! As I saw in your xls Mike, you already planned the next steps. I’m very excited to see the perception of the document among those whom you will send it. We need to arrange a couple of things on our web site to make it ready to welcome visitors, than I’ll try to find an appropriate moment to introduce it to my Environment Law course. 🙂

  3. Michael White Post author

    Thanks Janos, yes I thought the cover page was a nice touch. I’ve saved that so can upload if others want to use it for different docs too.

    So can I have permission from you, Ven & Krishnan to email it to Prof Callum Roberts & Dr Julie Hawkins (both direct & teach the marine protection courses at York University)? I imagine that once read they might like to introduce it to their MSc students (that would give us some feedback from the next generation of scientists and conservationists); as will your online course.

    I’d also like to send it to Aliki Filipaki & Nancy Papathan…… (I have to check her surname spelling), both lawyers. Mike 🙂

    1. Venkatasamy Rama Krishna

      Mike. I made a comment that got lost somewhere else. I see blank spaces at the bottom of texts on several pages in the document. I know when you convert to pdf sometimes this happens. Could you please rectify this? It would reflect badly on formatting. Otherwise, no reason why you should not go ahead.

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