Paris 2015: Global Climate Talks

And we’re off… Just to whet our appetites in the ‘promises, back-sliders and excuses stakes’ 🙂

Funny how they might think about ending deforestation by 2030? Probably none left by then. Why not end it now?

Independent: Paris 2015 global climate talks

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  1. Michael White Post author

    Thanks Janos. Attenborough was also interviewed a couple of days ago by one of the British newspapers (not sure which): he talked about ‘you can’t have infinity in a finite world’. Also he spoke of how modern generations have a very different (i.e. short) attention span (the MTV generation) ~ he wasn’t rude or anything ~ just made the point that he was too old to change, so his style of film-making concentrated on attention to detail and factual evidence 🙂

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