Nicaragua-China: a new Central American canal

Hong Kong Nicaragua Development Investment Company HKND will begin work on a fit-for-purpose 280km long canal connecting the Pacific Ocean & Caribbean Sea.

The Guardian: Nicaragua – new Central-American canal built by China

On the plus side this would curtail USA business & military hegemony, and also reduce greenhouse gas emissions by using much larger container-ships. On the minus side what impact will this have on Lake Nicaragua and local biodiversity? No hard scientific data yet, as the various reports are not released. Thoughts anyone?

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10 thoughts on “Nicaragua-China: a new Central American canal

  1. Michael White Post author

    Given the remarkable quality of the Chinese to see far ahead into the future: it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if China decided to invade the US at some point, and used their new canal as a stepping off place 🙁

  2. Michael White Post author

    Yes Ven, I’ve seen a lot of Chinese prawn farms or agricultural experimental stations in Africa and South & Central America. Quiet, mainly innocuous, but a definite foothold. I recall that China bought up all the cement and steel from around the world (they were building a new city a month). The Yankees try to occupy more sneakily ~ Fulbright scholars for instance. Cause trouble and then pretend it was nothing to do with them. Strange world we currently live in.

  3. Michael White Post author

    Oh Yes, they are also in the Cook Islands as they want our fish. We are one of the last countries with a few fish remaining. The Chinese built a sports stadium at Rarotonga, and then when they were criticised for not helping the Outer Islands, provided a few dozen mini-laptops for the schools (probably cost about $5 each to make). You can imagine how folk felt when we read of the tuna that sold for nearly $2 million in Tokyo fishmarket???

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