Hello everyone, just found this group, who seem to be working along some similar lines to us.

The connection is that they have successfully challenged London’s government about its terrible air pollution record; including doing nothing to reduce fossil fuel use.

Client Earth did get cases into ECJ ~ but I noticed the limitations of that Court too. Notwithstanding that ~ these people are a ready made group already active. Perhaps once we get going then we can approach them directly … they already have their own funding base. They should certianly know other advocates too.

We know that other cities also have terrible air pollution, so we are on the right track I think, Mike 🙂

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  1. Janos

    Excellent Mike. It seems we are not the only and not even the first one promoting the IECC. It’s even better. Since we are the ‘Alliance’, we can bring all these groups together. 🙂 Janos

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